Saturday, December 6, 2008

5 w's

Greetings for our inaugural post, I'll follow my high school journalism class and "make sure to cover the 5 w's plus 1 h. Course the "h"ow is kinda lame since its the blog itself...


Who- Me "Hey Bear" has been my nickname for so long, I usually reply back, "my name is not hey"  Bear is short for Barry not for any other reason.....

What- I plan on using the blog to test new stuff, especially Web 2.0.

When- When I can, not posting to a schedule. Actually not too interested about traffic just yet.

Where- On the Internet....

Why- Dunno I got an itch to write and I want to test out some stuff. My day to day life involves Internet access and I'm fascinated in new technology etc.

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