Saturday, April 11, 2009

James Quinn on oil and future energy

We have no policy to control, manage and meet our future energy needs. Obama and his ilk will not move us to the "promised green land".
From the article:
Instead of addressing the crucial issues that have led to the U.S. being dependent on foreign oil to the tune of $500 billion per year, Congress decided to spend your tax dollars on the following vital items (compliments of Casey Research):
$200,000 for tattoo removal for gang members in California.
$98 million for a Coast Guard ice breaker closing an ice-breaking gap. (what about global warming)
$950,000 for a bikeway in Kentucky.
$2 million for astronomy awareness in Hawaii.
$190,000 for a Buffalo Bill Historical Center.
$650 million for the digital to analog converter box program.
$1.8 million to study the effect of swine odor on the environment. (rumor has it the study will be conducted in the halls of Congress)

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