Thursday, August 27, 2009

ED Day- novel on pandemic "flu"

Everybody died so fast.

They never said everybody would die so fast.

Maybe 100,000 people turned up for work in Sydney’s CBD on the morning of ED Day, March 21.

A whole lot less people than were coming to work before the second wave of the pandemic hit in February, but there was still enough to form thin crowds and and for it to look pretty much like an average weekday, workday, morning in the city.

When I was walking down Clarence Street to my building site, I had to step around a tight pack of office workers waiting for fresh coffee from a window cafe. There was nothing going on to tell me this would be the last morning like this I'd ever see in Sydney.

Everybody should have been at home.

We all knew how bad the first and second waves of the pandemic had been. Everybody knew someone who died in the January or February waves.

Even when they stopped reporting the scale of the death toll on the news, everybody you talked to said "Yeah, so-and-so died last week" or "He wasn't even sick when he went to bed..."

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