Monday, January 31, 2011

OH NO !!!

dogs and cats living together
In other words it might snow out tomorrow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

open minds - good to read the other side sometimes

I try to read from all points of view, mainly to see what the other side is thinking. Obviously, it's strategy from Sun Tsu to know your enemy, although for me it might be more along the thought of knowing the isssues better. I no longer believe the "right vs left" paradigm is at work anymore. More like the 80% vs top 20%.

Two posts from the same author but several years in between, funny how they read like current news.....

My reaction to both articles is it is too late to change and these are interesting ideas but no one at the top will allow them to oocur.

The comments are a hoot too, really shows how the right vs left thing is brainwashed into peoples heads.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cool video of the day


9000 frames a second is really fast!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Excellent Advice- proof you own your house

From a blogpost at Naked Capitalism


I have family experiencing the same. here’s what I learned.
For what it’s worth.
Prepare for a battle that’s going to last at least six months.

However, Forget the lawyer, do your own leg work first. get your head around what’s real first.

Quicly take responsibility. Mark your calender, The next steps are absolutely critical, you must make the bank establish rightful intrest of your title any and all liens to the property. Period.

Don’t panick.

But run,don’t walk to your county property registrar. Take two witnesses who will testify as being present,have copies of Picture Id. Past tax bills, utility bills, all paid and stamped paid, present them to the county court houseclerk of property registrations, ask for and secure valid stamped, dated and witnessed copies of your property’s registration, taxes paid, all liens registerred and released, and releases from your first to last of mortgage of the property as released to you; including the refinanced mortgage and most especially the releases of all the release of liens on the property and a current registration of the current loan, tax id and lien holder claiming to be holder of your mortgage.

Make copies of everything, including closing papers….got it…everything and secure them in a savings deposit box. keep 1 for a private desk file and quick access, scan another and file as an un-editable PDF file, burn a digital copy disc’s,a store PDF file on desktop file and on-line Internet file system such as Mozilla.

Once the above is done, you can take the next step.

Submit by courier, a registerred letter, return receipt requested, by snail usa mail to the loan department of your bank requesting title and written response from the bank.

Do not under any circumstance threaten suit or legal action. Your letters will establish your legal request to get a copy of the title. Give them 10 business days to respond by written letter from an registerred officer of the banks loan department.

Failing their response, send them another letter of request of copy of your title. remind them of the 1st request. Give them 10 business days.

Failing that, file your own legal subpoena in the county court house for the banks property records from the mortgage lender. You still have not threatened anybody.

take personal responsibility. do not however, I repeat do not make the mistake of witholding your mortgage payment. That takes the focus off what needs to get done. Simply get your ducks in a row.

Subpoena the bank until your satisfied.

If they fail that, now you can go to AG, ask the AG to subpoena on your behalf, exhaust all options. Proceed in the same manner as above. Pay attention to the calender and don’t let up, for any reason. your goal is to establish your title. Period.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thought of the day

If I walk up to your door with a gun and demand your wallet, what is it? Robbery.

If I walk up, demand the wallet at gunpoint, and tell you I'll spend 20% on your road improvements and 10% on the charity of your choice, what is it? Still robbery.

If I and my neighbors (all of us with small homes) form a political entity and vote to put in new sewers and sidewalks, and hand the bill to your local business, or just "assess values of property" and tax proportionally (sorry, you own much more valuably property than the rest of us), what do we call it?

Self rule. Democracy. Representative government. Pick your euphemism for what it really is: Robbery.

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